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Category : Call Center

phrases that upset customers

How to avoid these 9 phrases that upset customers

Why do we use phrases that upset customers? Customer service can be a difficult field of work. Call center agents repeatedly find themselves wedged between irate customers and prickly issues. Being a successful customer service representatives requires certain skills which include patience, attentiveness, and empathy. Nevertheless, even the most qualified agent has found themselves uttering […]

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16 December 2016
Call Center Customer Happiness
call center monitoring

Call center monitoring: How to benefit your customers and your team

Call center monitoring is the continuous process of data collection, analysis, and feedback. First, you gather data pertaining to your call centre’s performance (employee efficiency, customer attrition, speediness of execution, etc.), then gain insight from it, and then implement change relative to that insight. Finally, you start over from the top. A successful call center […]

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Computer telephony integration: 8 ways it benefits customer support

What is Computer Telephony Integration? Computer telephony integration, or CTI, is any technology which allows computers to interact with telephone systems. This allows users to perform all call-related tasks, usually handled through a PBX or key system telephone, directly from their desktop. Computer telephony integration also lets your communication devices to communicate with one another: […]

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Call center quality assurance – 15 best practices to boost customer service

Call center quality assurance is a process which ensures that your results in terms of customer service match your desired outcome. A call center aspiring to provide exemplary customer service must closely monitor its performance, and use the insight to improve. The means to satisfied customers and great service is this cycle of data collection, analysis, training, and improvement: […]

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