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16 January 2017
Customer Happiness
customer satisfaction survey

How to make the most out of a customer satisfaction survey

Learning how to solicit and utilize customer feedback is a crucial part of any customer retention strategy. Nevertheless, putting together an effective and useful customer satisfaction survey isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Why an effective customer satisfaction survey matters Learning how customers perceive and interact with your product, brand, and company is invaluable […]

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11 January 2017
Customer Happiness
customer self-service

Why customer self-service will improve your support strategy

Due to becoming more mobile and more tech-savvy, customers have increasingly high standards when it comes to customer service. The emergence of customer self-service is a reflection of an evolution of customer expectations. Speedy service ranks high amongst these expectations: in a survey by Interactive Intelligence Group, “short response times” ranked higher in importance for customers […]

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phrases that upset customers

How to avoid these 9 phrases that upset customers

Why do we use phrases that upset customers? Customer service can be a difficult field of work. Call center agents repeatedly find themselves wedged between irate customers and prickly issues. Being a successful customer service representatives requires certain skills which include patience, attentiveness, and empathy. Nevertheless, even the most qualified agent has found themselves uttering […]

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