How Mention handled its international phone support & sales expansion smoothly


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Step one: do international support and sales from home

mention is a (awesome) web and social media monitoring tool which enables businesses to set up alerts for their name, brand, or competitors in real-time. mention is also part of the startup studio eFounders (like Aircall).

Like many fast-growing SaaS businesses, mention had international ambitions from the start. Based in France, they quickly got traction in the US and in other European countries like Spain, so providing a phone support to these customers became critical.

And like many startups they didn’t have the resources to open local offices right away. Obviously the best solution was first to buy local phone numbers and to redirect them to their phones here in France.

Which they did with Aircall.

As Edouard de La Jonquiere, mention’s CEO, explains, it’s a very interesting approach to start your international expansion from home by first doing international phone support and sales.

In retrospect, we should have opened local support phone lines right from the start. Now that we can talk to our customers in person, we have the ability to understand their needs way deeper than through email tickets only.

Step two: hire local people to handle support and sales

The next logical step was to open offices there and to hire local people. mention started its international expansion with the US by opening an office in New York.

Once again having chosen a purely “software” based solution for their phone system enabled them to do the transition quite smoothly. Not only they just had to do a simple redirection of their existing US number directly to their new American employee, but they could also share all the phone contacts and call history in just a few clicks.

« Aircall came really at the right time for us. It was very easy for our local team to jump into our phone support process. Being able to share phone numbers, contact information and call history from a single web dashboard is a real time saver.»

If you want to follow Edouard advice and open international phone lines in minutes, just register to our beta or call us directly (see our phone numbers above).


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